Six extra large vintage Turkish odemis pots on vintage wooden deck with olive trees

Pottery Made Perfect // Vintage Turkish Pottery

The art of creating Turkish pottery dates back thousands of years. In fact Turkish pottery dates back as early as 10,000 years ago, playing a very important role in Turkish history and culture.

On our recent travels through Turkey, we found the stunning Turkish amphora urns. These two handled pots were used to transport both dry and liquids but mostly they were used to transport wine. 

The meaning of Amphora is self explanatory when broken into its Greek roots. Amph meaning “on both sides” and pora meaning “to carry”. These pieces of history are one of a kind and will really set the tone of your interior style with their rustic and unique feel. 

Five vintage Turkish amphora urns on vintage wooden deck with four vintage Turkish Odemis pots


We immediately fell in love with the Turkish Odemis pots on our journey through the Turkish countryside to the the Anatolian region where they originate. Originally crafted to carry olives and other perishables and weathered over time by the years they have lived, these vessels will add a rich history and depth to your home. 

Five vintage Turkish Odemis pots in terracotta and neutral colours oin vintage wooden deck with olive tree


Erzurum province eastern of Turkey famous for yes you guessed it the black Erzurum pots. Handcrafted and fired using a clay from this region. Once used for cooking now has become the perfect way to decorate your home in endless ways. 

Black vintage Turkish Erzurum pot on white shelf with round vintage Turkish breadboard

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