Three vintage Turkish olive oil and other vessels on a vintage wooden sideboard

Blending Old and New // Why It’s A Must For Your Home

There aren’t many rules when it comes to decorating a home in 2023. We (and many others) feel your home should be a reflection of you and only you. While it’s important to focus on your hero interiors pieces and nail your cushion combination (see tips here!), how you do that is completely up to you and what makes your heart sing.

However if we could have just one tiny bit of influence on your dream home, it would be to blend vintage with contemporary. Why? Vintage pieces inject imperfection and add soul, character and warmth to a space. Without this, your home can be left feeling stale and somewhat one dimensional.

Similarly, going for vintage only décor can make your home feel dated and shabby and not at all in a rustic, on-trend way!

Contrasting new and old will help your vintage or antique pieces stand out and showcase their gorgeous potential. The most liveable homes cannot be pinned to a particular decade or era, they are a combination of all things old and new. By getting this combination right, it you’ll see your home take on different dimensions, layers and create serious visual interest while still giving you the feeling that you’ve just arrived home and not walked into a hospital or a below average Vinnies.

Now the balance of new and old and what works for you within this space is up to you. Do you lean more towards new or old? That’s for you and your story to decide.

One perfect combination of colliding new and old interior décor is to style our incoming vintage Turkish pots and vessels with our handcrafted artisan made kansa (i.e. bronze) bowls or platters.

Collection of vintage Turkish pots, jars and vessels arranged with greenery on a bench

Otherwise, try our artisan made hand hammered copper vases or bowls with a handwoven linen Turkish towel and a vintage chunky bread board riser, also incoming on our next shipment from Turkey in early April 2023.

Vintage wooden riser and vintage bread boards with handwoven tea towel and floral arrangement on kitchen bench

Instagram: sarah.g.johnson

Make sure to check out our upcoming shipment from Turkey which will be able to take your home to another level with vintage bread boards, vintage wooden risers, vintage Turkish pots, jars and vessels (galore!!), stone troughs, vintage furniture, vintage wooden bowls and so. Much. More.

We'll leave you here with some epic vintage vs new home interior styling inspiration, all images sourced from Pinterest.

 Corner of contemporary home with vintage Turkish pot next to white couch and sunny window

Vintage Turkish pot with olive tree in Tuscan style home

Vintage Turkish wooden bread boards styled in contemporary kitchen

Vintage stone trough planter outside with flowers

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