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Our Purpose

We are here to create a connection between the global Artisan and the contemporary home.

We partner with master Artisans from across the world to blend century old techniques with today's designs.

Every piece you find here tells the story of the maker and reflects our values of passion, ethical production and sustainability.

Our Philosophy

Our homes are a reflection of our soul and tell our own story. 

Here, you'll find only slow designs in small batch as we believe in the uniqueness of these extraordinary creations. 

By creating and sustaining empowering partnerships with world class artisans, we aim to preserve and honour their incredible traditions.

Sustainable and Ethical Production

We are committed to both supporting our artisans through economically empowering partnerships and the traceability of our products.

Carefully selecting artisan partners who share our ethos, we support the ongoing economic independence of small, rural communities.

Our products are created using fast growing, native and sustainable materials and traditional techniques that honour the environment and sit lightly on the earth.

Our Artisans

We collaborate with artisans from all parts of the world to blend contemporary with the traditional and timeworn. They are mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, artists and entrepreneurs.

We wholly believe in fair trade, ensuring our artisans receive a fair and sustainable wage for their work to support their families and communities.


We source unique and hard to find collections from across the globe.


We aim to preserve ancient traditions, using natural and local materials to reduce our overall footprint.


Our products are created by hand in small batch with personalities that reflect their maker.