Turkish Linen Tea Towel Sage

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Loomed on heritage shuttle looms using superior quality Turkish flax linen.  All in a fair trade environment.

Handwoven on old-style shuttle looms, each tea towel is slow made by local Artisans with the highest quality Turkish flax. They are functional, beautiful and will last for decades if cared for. What more could you ask from a tea towel?

Linen has been valued throughout history for its durability and natural antibacterial and stain resistant properties. It required less than half the water to produce than non-organic cotton and lasts twice as long as even organic cotton.

All towels at The Voyage Home are made in a fair trade environment.

The beauty of both handmade and natural materials means no two pieces will ever be identical. There may be small differences in pattern, colour, shape or texture to what you see in the photo.

Measurements: 85cm (L) x 44cm (W)

Colour: Ecru and sage green

Material: 100% Turkish flax


We recommend soaking your Turkish towels for 24 hours before use to increase absorbency.

Machine wash with like colours and tumble dry on a low setting.

If you find a loose thread, do not pull it, carefully snip it off at the base - it will not unravel.

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