Xaquixe Glass Studio

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“One of our central concerns was to make glass production a sustainable project: the process is so energy intensive that it is very easy to lose operational viability. Since then we have made an effort to develop responsible production processes that are careful with the environment and that generally focus on sustainability.”

The glassblowers of Xaquixe Glass Studio in Oaxaca are true pioneers of craftsmanship, design and sustainability. The team is built on passion, experience and a flare for producing beautiful designs, with each perfectly imperfect piece reflecting the artisan who created it.

Their goal is to create stunning designs that sit lightly on the earth, with furnaces running on 95% recycled cooking oil recovered from local communities and villages. The glass itself is from used bottles that have been washed, crushed and recycled. As part of a larger non-profit venture they call PPX, they are also developing solar panels, gas ovens and what they call a biodigester that will allow them to generate energy from organic waste.

Salime and Christian (Founders) are next level innovative and so passionate about their impact on the planet, while also creating employment opportunities for glassblowers in Oaxaca. We are so proud to partner with such a talented and revolutionary group of artisans.