Woodworkers of the Petén

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"Our woodwares are hand-crafted from sustainable and locally-sourced wood, ensuring each product is not only a unique work of art but a true expression of the beauty and biodiversity of the Guatemalan jungle."

From within the Petén Jungle, the largest remaining tropical forest of Central America, comes one of the most sustainable and extraordinary artisan groups you’ll meet. Their mission is twofold: to preserve the jungle’s natural beauty and provide ongoing education, training and employment opportunities for local Guatemalans of the Petén region in order to break the cycle of poverty and create a better future.

“Before touching a single tree, our reforestation project had planted 45,000 trees in the heart of the Petén jungle. This is our way of deepening our commitment to nature’s most beautiful treasures” - Eliza (Founder).

They are deeply committed to their values, with every piece sold contributing to The Jungle School which has grown from 15 to over 400 students from throughout the San Andreas community. The products are designed around the simplistic natural beauty of the wood, with each piece reflecting the story from where it has been transported. The craftsmen are provided with favourable work environments and above market wages and our partners aim to continue to develop their traditions and woodworking skills to increase education and employment opportunities for generations to come.