Women of Oaxaca

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“We are women who love and respect our culture, customs and traditions but we also have dreams and goals that together we can achieve. We want our pieces to awaken sensations, that your bare feet feel the wool and for the energy of the steps that women take be powerful.”

Oaxaca is renowned for its artisan craft while Teotitlán del Valle in particular is known for its weaving. Patterns and techniques are taught by mother and father to daughter and son, passed down from generation to generation with each unique tapete an expression of the culture and community it has come from.

The Artisans collect local materials and ingredients such as indigo leaves, pomegranate and cochineal insects which are ground, boiled and treated to dye their hand carded and hand spun wool.

But for this group of incredible women, it’s more than aesthetics or the integrity of blending ancient tradition with their own creativity. These women have shown extraordinary courage to make a new life for themselves following great challenges, transforming their communities along the way.

This indigenous Mexican cooperative has empowered women to live a life of equal rights and without poverty for over 20 years. Run fully by women, cooperative members are trained to spin, dye and weave tapetes, cushions, throws in both traditional and contemporary designs.

With a focus on helping those who have lived a difficult life of domestic violence, loss and single motherhood, the group comes together to fight for what they believe in every single day.