Weavers of Nagaland

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"[We] intend to keep the cultural legacy alive through the craft of loin-loom weaving and also offer livelihood options to a large community of weavers in the rural landscape of Nagaland and adjoining states."

In a rural corner of India, this incredible group was founded from a strong desire to reimagine the textiles of Nagaland.

Woven on ancient backstrap looms, their intricate designs are an obvious nod to the Naga tribes. Their goal is to keep the legacy of loin-loom weaving alive while providing employment opportunities for women to work from their own homes between their agricultural and household responsibilities.

Starting out as a backyard activity for 3 weavers, they are now providing direct employment to an impressive 450 weavers across the Naga tribes and surrounding areas. They provide ongoing training and skills development and are now passing their skills down to future generations.