Weavers of Mardin

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"Step back into a time where quality, natural & organic were not choices, they just were. This is a time where craftsmanship and the work of a true artisan was appreciated."

Just 40 years ago, heritage shuttle looms could be found in most Turkish homes. Now, they are near non-existent.

For over a decade, Jennifer has been working tirelessly to bring the beautiful Turkish loop towels back to life. From finding one single weaver following a six-day search throughout Turkey, she now has a network of over 1800 weavers, all producing the most luxurious traditional Turkish towels on old-style shuttle looms. It is a terrible realisation that, should Jennifer have waited just 10 more days to begin her search, the art of the Ottoman loop towel would have become completely extinct.

Jennifer and her team are as passionate about these traditions as they are about treading lightly on the earth, choosing only the highest quality linen and GOTS certified organic Turkish cotton which require less water to produce, are more absorbent and can last more than two or even three times as long as their non-organic counterparts.

We share all of these passions and we hope you do, too.