Krobei Riel, Cambodia

Weavers of Krobei Riel

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"We are bringing people together to preserve an important part of Cambodia's cultural legacy, while also providing education and empowerment training to Cambodian women."

Our partners in Cambodia are as passionate about empowering their artisans as they are about producing beautiful and sustainable products. Inspired by the decorative Cambodian “kbach” symbol, each intricately woven piece tells a story of Cambodia.

In a small rural village on the outskirts of Siem Reap, a group of 24 artisans are weaving for a fair income. Not only are the weavers offered sustainable economic growth, they are also empowered for their future by undergoing training and personal development opportunities. The group conducts incredible life skills programs such as positive parenting, women’s rights, English language skills, financial management and family planning.

Our partners are conscious of using only natural and sustainable resources, as the rattan “pdau” and willow grass “la paek” are fast growing. They carefully harvest their materials in small quantities to allow it to properly replenish across seasons.