Weavers and Bark Cloth Makers of Kampala

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“A rich and complex history surrounds each of our techniques and materials. They are the foundation of our collection. We work directly with artisans who specialise in using unique fibres to create bark cloth, loom wovens and plaited palm leaf textiles.”

All materials produced by this gorgeous artisan group in Uganda are sourced through the sustainable harvesting of fibre and leaves from indigenous Mutaba, Raffia, Banana and Enkindukindu trees.

Bark cloth is complex and suede-like material that was once used to clothe the kings of Uganda. It takes days or even weeks to collect, dry and pound and takes on a natural rust tone or may be dyed black with local clay.

Plaited palm leaf has formed part of Ugandan history for centuries. Women learn the art of Mikeeka while young, weaving the most beautifully intricate patterns, lining up strips of perfectly woven palm to produce traditional and contemporary designs.

These materials are grounding and bring a sense of peace and calm. Our artisan partner is passionate about not only working with artisans to share the story of Uganda and these beautiful traditions but to create products that reduce stress and bring us fully into the present moment. Something we find so refreshing in the increasingly fast-pace of today’s world.