Weavers of Barranco

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"We are inspired by the intense and ancient textile tradition of Peru; the one that was and the one that is still alive in the hands of thousands of men and women."

In the Andes mountains of Huancavelica, a small group of artisans have been brought together by their passion for weaving. They are inspired by this intense 5000 year old Peruvian tradition which they hope to help keep alive in the skilled hands of their men and women.

They believe in the individuality of both handmade and small batch, with each piece reflecting the rich heritage, history and landscape of Peru. A group made up of 95% women, they provide ongoing formal training and education to improve the quality of the textile work and create a more sustainable future for their artisans.

The group is diverse in terms of age, language and origin. Many of the weavers were taught to spin, knit, dye and weave in small rural communities by their parents and grandparents and arrived in Peru many years later to continue this beautiful legacy together.