Indigo Dyers of Delhi

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“[Our soul] is identified with Khadi, hand spun & hand woven, hand block & screen printed, and hand stitched home textiles. These products are fresh new stories from the wise age old timeless crafts. Each unique piece is like an icon that takes you to another place, another time, another story.”

Our weavers and indigo dyers of Delhi believe that handcraftsmanship creates a true uniqueness, with each nuance giving the product a personality. They work with weavers, dyers, hand block printers and master sewers combining century old techniques to produce beautifully handmade pieces across Delhi and wider India.

The history of indigo dye can be traced throughout India, having been used in this beautiful country for thousands of years. With a distinct and diverse blue colour palette, indigo dye is created using a natural and complex fermentation of the local Tinctoria plant leaves.

Khadi is one of the most beautifully diverse materials, most loved for its simplicity and rugged texture. The (mostly cotton) fibres are drawn together and twisted into a yarn which is then handloomed into clothes, blankets and bedding. Khadi is renowned for being cosy and warm throughout Winter, yet cool and breathable throughout Summer.

With the added complexity, beauty and intricacy of hand block printing and kantha stitching, we could talk about this artisan partner forever but you’ll just have to see it for yourself.