Coppersmiths of Pune

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"Working with craft communities is an enriching experience, full of exploration and discovery. In engaging with artisans, we deeply experience their cultures and traditions."

The complex art of copperwork has been passed down through this group of family-run workshops for over 400 years. Copper is naturally beautiful, locally sourced and recyclable and undergoes complex Indigenous techniques to convert the material into unique products.

Rashmi and her team realised that copper artisans throughout India deserved better recognition for their incredible skill and wanted to help revive the dying traditional copper craft form of Maharashtra. Slowly growing into other craft forms such as the bronze (kansa) artisans of Rajasthan, Gujarat and West Bengal, this group has played a significant role in improving the livelihoods of 550 artisans throughout India.

Although the material and end product remains the same, the process, tools and techniques are unique to the artisan and where they learnt their craft. One thing is for certain though. All of these products are both meticulously created and truly breathtaking.