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Styled by Morocco // Upcoming Sourcing Trip

Save the date! Our biggest sourcing trip yet is locked in for 5 February – just 12 days from now. To say we’re excited to finally get to Morocco and Turkey post-Covid is an understatement as the opportunity to physically visit these countries and hand source the most beautiful interiors and one-of-a-kind objects is why we started The Voyage Home in the first place.

If you haven’t seen much of the style that comes from beautiful Morocco, let us take you on a bit of a voyage through the country’s history and evolution of their home objects. 

The Kingdom of Morocco forms part of North Africa, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, directly across from Spain and Portugal while it borders with Western Sahara and Algeria. There is evidence of inhabitation for over 300,000 years with a colourful history filled with power and territory struggles.

Moroccan homewares and furniture is some of the most rich, ornate and unique in the world. Influence on Moroccan style throughout history comes from various avenues including the Berber people and Arabic Moors as well as Turkey, Spain, France and even the Romans. The Berbers have been known for much of their pottery as well as colourful hand knotted rugs and carved wooden doors. The Moors, on the other hand, brought with them Morocco’s signature blues, greens and other bold colours offset by earthy tones.

This extensive influence provides a diverse and highly intriguing design resulting in what can only be considered an extreme sensory overload when strolling the many souks of Marrakech.

So, what are we looking to bring home to Australia? Well, that’s where you come in! At the moment we have a huge list of “must haves” including vintage Berber pots, vintage furniture, mirrors, stone or marble dough bowls, wooden cous cous bowls, Tamegroute pottery, stone troughs, travertine and marble sinks, Zellige mosaic objects, lighting, brass tables, wooden bread boards, bread risers, painted plates/platters from Rif and Safi and SO much more! But we want you to tell us what you want to see. Is there something you’ve spotted throughout your travels or something you’ve seen on another online homewares store (overseas perhaps?) that you’d like us to get for you? Reach out at and let us know!

I’ll be honest, textiles are not high on our priority list so unless we get an overwhelming response requesting these, we won’t be sourcing rugs, cushions, throws or poufs.

We will also be spending time in Turkey sourcing similar products to the above with an (obviously) Turkish flavour.

When will the products arrive? Ah, good question! Once we’ve filled the container with all the gorgeous global goods we can get our hands on, it will be on its way here – we’re hoping it will be a fast turnaround with an April delivery but we’ll need to keep you updated on that front. 

And what will these beautiful interiors cost I hear you ask? We’ll need to keep you posted there. It all depends on what is available – as we’re primarily looking to source vintage, antique and one of a kind objects with soul, prices will depend on what we’re able to source as well as the logistics involved. 

Lastly, if you’re an Australian retailer (physical or online) or an interior designer and are interested in wholesale or trade, reach out to us at and we can discuss further. We are also more than happy to source specific items for you while we’re in Morocco and Turkey but we need you to move quickly and have your requests to us by mid-February.

Make sure you sign up to the SMS and email mailing lists at as we’ll be dropping these shipments to our beautiful Voyager community first, perhaps even with a sneaky discount. We’ll also be going live on our IG and Facebook on various occasions to show you the detail of each product with the opportunity to secure some of the pieces before they’re loaded onto the website so stay tuned for more information here.

We hope you’re as excited about this as we are and we cannot wait to show you what we’ve managed to get our hot little hands on!

Collection of handmade and hand painted Moroccan Berber bowls in greys, terracotta and earthy colours

Three contemporary handpainted Moroccan Berber jars and urns on the ground

Three vintage Moroccan stone mortars on terracotta tiles with one wooden pestle
Vintage handcarved Moroccan wooden doors with intricate geometric detail

Vintage wooden Moroccan tent sticks from the desert nomads and vintage wooden urns, bowls and other vessels

Two handpainted Moroccan Berber plates with intricately painted hamsa hand

Handmade ochre tamegroute and green tamegroute pottery bowls stacked from smallest to largest on the ground of the Sahara desert

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