Five brown white black and terracotta vintage Turkish odemis vases and jars

Sourcing Turkey // Vintage Turkish Pot Heaven

We’ve been counting down to our sourcing trip for months but nothing could prepare us for what we would find when we arrived into Turkey. Literal vintage pot heaven!

Flying into Istanbul absolutely exhausted and walking out into torrential rain, sub-minus temperatures closely followed by snow and sleet left us feeling somewhat apprehensive of what the rest of the trip would bring.

In the lead-up to departure, it felt like what Jamie was looking forward to most was Turkish coffee however upon landing into Istanbul and exploring the incredible hand painted ceramics stores, colourful markets and stunning mosques for just one day, the coffee conversation was soon (thankfully for me) forgotten.

Instead, we both started to realise the true extent of Turkish culture, tradition and craftsmanship; some of the most superior and intriguing the world has to offer. In the morning of day one, we wandered the city streets, letting our curiosity drive our direction. We came across multiple shops selling the most exquisite hand painted vases, bowls and platters, antique brass objects, hand knotted rugs and various Turkish towels just to name a few.

Three intricately painted Turkish Vases and urns in a shop in Istanbul

We then explored some of Istanbul’s historical monuments such as the Blue Mosque, the Grand Bazaar, Hagia Sophia and my personal favourite, Topkapi Place Museum.

Blue and white tiles around antique wooden door in Topkapi Palace Museum Turkey

But of course, walking the streets and learning the history is not the only reason we came to Turkey.

On day 3, we headed back to the airport to board a flight to meet our supplier. In a tiny waterside town, a few hundred kilometres from any major city is the home to some of the most incredible antiques and vintage objects I’ve ever seen. Turkish pots, handcarved wooden doors, mirrors, vintage stone mortars and pestles, stone troughs, vintage wooden bowls, lava stone and so much more. 

Each Turkish pot has a unique patina, it’s hard to know where to even start. The Odemis urns, authentic vintage olive oil jars, amphora vases, terracotta pots, all tell a story. These pots and jars served a purpose in their time and I love to imagine the sunsets they’ve seen and the lives they were a part of. 

These days, these beautiful pots are used more for decorative purposes; elevating the interior of any home, housing olive trees, dried stems or willow branches.

Choosing these pots was one of the most exciting and nerve racking experiences of our lives. With a sea of Turkish pots before us, it was for us to direct the seven Turkish employees up and down the piles to extract the hundreds of pots we chose to bring home to Australia.

Arriving early to mid April, you can expect to see hundreds of white Turkish belted pots, terracotta amphora jars with intricate patterns, vintage wide mouth pots, carved wooden boxes, bread boards, bread risers, troughs and mortars and pestles. This is our most exciting shipment yet as we are bringing you a true part of history.

Collection of long vintage Turkish wooden pinyets leaning against a wall

Rectangular Turkish wooden boat bowl surrounded by piles of other wooden boats

Two rows of painted vintage terracotta Turkish amphora jars

Vintage antique wooden Turkish stone trough in the snow

Two large white vintage Turkish odemis vases on a tiled floor in Turkey

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We hope you love these as much as we do!

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