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Our Top Tips for Decorating the Perfect Christmas Tree

Christmas is a time for spending quality time with family and friends and nothing lifts the family festive spirit more than filling your home with beautifully coordinated Christmas décor. In reality though, the Insta-worthy look is easier said than done.

If your home is your pride and joy (shout out to all the other homebodies out there), we’ve got you covered. Here are our top tips for decorating the perfect Christmas tree.

Choosing the Best Tree For You

When it comes to sustainability, which Christmas tree is best can be an understandably divisive topic. On one hand, a high quality artificial tree is a cost effective option and can last for decades if cared for properly – I’ve spoken to many people who’ve said they inherited their beautiful quality trees from their parents or even their grandparents. If you do decide to go with an artificial option, this is a case of you really do generally get what you pay for. A quality tree as the centrepiece of your living room will give you sturdy, beautifully bushy branches to house your lights and decorations.

On the other hand, a natural fir is a beautiful biodegradable option and can be grown in a large pot for the home before being transferred to the garden post-Christmas. There’s also nothing better than the smell of pine needles in the morning!

Regardless of your decision, when choosing tree you should take into account size, accents and height. Consider where you’d like the tree to sit in your home, your home's ceiling heights (a big must!), walking space and your chosen colour theme which leads us to…

Developing Your Theme

It's time to get out the Pinterest and choose a theme that represents YOU. This is your Christmas with your family so find something that oozes your personality, character and tells your family's story. Is it a little bit moody, a little bit eclectic, bright and colourful, a traditional chord of gold, green and red or something completely out of the box?

The difficult part (for me at least) is sticking to the theme. There are so many beautiful decorations out there in SO many colours and textures that it takes commitment and huge dedication to keep to a chosen colour scheme. What makes me happy is the perfectly imperfect tree covered with a collection of traditional and contemporary pieces that are close to my heart and recall memories of Christmases gone-by. 

Light It Up, Baby

Lights up first! Placing the lights on your tree first means you have more branch space for decorations (up next) and will make sure you’re not covering anything up or getting tangled in chords.

Play around with your lights, coming forward and back as your wrap them around your tree to add depth and extra twinkle.


We all have our favourite ornaments – mine tend to be the homemade ones by either me or the kids (they tell our story!) – so place these front and centre and work out from there.

Mix up the sizes, shapes and textures of your ornaments and space evenly around the tree. Similar to the lights, play around with some ornaments closer to the trunk for added visual interest and depth.

Take a step back every now and then and look at your handiwork from different angles, heights and aspects of the room to make sure there are no big gaps or empty spaces. My daughter loves to help so we have a stack of ornaments ending up at what we call "Chelsea-height" - I love this and let them stay there as again, this is our tree and our story.

Top It All Off

Will you continue the classic look and top your tree with an angel or a star or will you go for something more progressive like a bird? Whatever it is, this should draw the eyes up and be the finishing touch, so make it special. 

Your tree should also come modestly dressed and wearing a skirt – rattan and shibori dyed skirts are beautiful handmade options that add texture and detail, otherwise a high quality linen is also a great choice.

Surround your tree with similar Christmas décor such as our kansa collection, handcrafted by Artisans across India.

And be sure to check out our Christmas Cranberry Mule recipe, just posted on the blog - it's sure to be a winner for everyone (of age) come Christmas Day!

Now all that’s left now is to wrap your beautiful gifts, place them under the tree and have a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones.

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