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Incredible Morocco // Sourcing Your Treasures in 2023

It’s hard to know where to start when talking about sourcing in Morocco. 

The history of textiles in this bright and colourful country is one of the most interesting and extensive I’m had the privilege of learning about, with textile production dating back to before 1500 BC when the Berber people first arrived in North Africa.

When you think of Morocco – what comes to mind? Is it the complex hand knotted rugs that take days, weeks or even months to produce? Is it the stunning tamegroute pottery, handcrafted by just 9 families in the middle of the desert? Or is it the vintage, one of a kind handcarved wooden furniture, often inlaid with tile, bone or mother of pearl? All of the above?

In 2023, we’re going to do things a little differently. Instead of us travelling and having all the fun sourcing gorgeous items from gorgeous countries, we want your input first. Up front. Before we go and while we’re away.

Is there something you’ve seen in your own travels in days gone by that you’d love to get your hands on? Is there something you’ve seen in an overseas store that you wish you could purchase here in Australia? Is there something you love but it’s not quite the right size or colour? We want to hear from you! We’re talking hand knotted high pile and leather Tuareg rugs, artisan ceramics or vintage pottery, wooden mirrors, doors, furniture, Zellige mosaic tables, bronze décor, tamegroute tableware, berber pottery, bone inlay – with our amazing partners across Morocco, your options are almost endless!

Our first trip will be in February 2023 – dates TBC but likely mid-month. We’ll be going live on our Instagram throughout the month to talk you through some of the vintage and contemporary one of a kind pieces we’re looking at. This will then give you the option to pre-order pieces or secure unique items before they land in Australia and open up to everyone else.

Otherwise if there’s anything in particular you want, reach out to us on socials or at with images or descriptions so we can start working through this with you and for you.

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