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How to Perfect Your Cushion Combination (Without Going OTT!)

Throw cushions are the perfect statement accessory and an easy way to update your space to suit the latest trend, mood, personality or furniture addition! It’s an easy item to over or under-style and your interior design can be made (or broken) by something as simple as your cushion selection.

Here are our tips on making your cushion selection work for you and your living room.

Coordinate the Colours

Identify your colour palette.

Look around the interior of the room that you’re decorating and consider your favourite pieces – is it a vintage Moroccan rug with tones of rust or yellows, at traditional indigenous artwork or a coloured sofa? 

After you have your desired colour palette in mind, select a few cushions in a bold print and balance them out with throw cushions in neutral tones. If you have gone for an on-trend neutral theme, selecting a pair of throw cushions in a slightly bolder colour can add depth and stop the space from becoming boring or stale. This also allows you to swap out the bold colours to easily change your colour scheme with the seasons.

If you don’t have any existing décor to build on, draw inspiration from somewhere else! Do you have a favourite dress or scarf? Or have you seen a theme trawling Pinterest that you’d love to emulate? If not, Pinterest is a fantastic place to start and get some ideas. 

Three handwoven palm and barkcloth throw cushions from artisans of Uganda

Once you’ve got your colour palette sorted, it’s time to work out how many cushions your space needs which leads us to…

All About Placement

Learn to master the ‘lived-in’ cushion stack!

There is an endless supply of cushions in varying shapes, sizes, colours, patterns and textures so it’s easy to become an official cushion-addict. But keep functionality in mind – too many cushions become impractical, making it near-impossible to actually use your sofa so in reality, most of them will end up on the floor.

On the other hand, however, it’s a similar offence to under-do your couch and leave it looking naked and unfinished. Unless you’ve committed to a minimalist look (which takes serious self control), neither of these scenarios is ideal.

Stagger your cushions, stack them unconventionally and karate-chop the middle – too often perfect placement leaves a space lacking a personal touch and cosiness a living space should have.

Otherwise if you're looking for something less complicated but just as gorgeous, check out our collection of handwoven one and done oversized lumbar cushions here.

Traditional Zapotec oversized lumbar cushion handwoven from sheep's wool in Oaxaca Mexico on sage bed with white baby alpaca throw


While identifying and executing the perfect colour palette is important, people can sometimes tend to forget about one other element that’s just as important – texture.

Using the same material across your throw pillows can leave your room feeling stale. Stepping outside your comfort zone when it comes to textures creates deep visual interest and highlights the uniqueness of the product.

Don’t be afraid to combine multiple textures from baby alpaca to bark cloth to cotton. The mix of heavy textures versus lighter will keep your living or bedroom space feeling cosy and warm.

Three textured handwoven artisan throw cushions placed in sunny corner seat next to side table with two melina wood vases

Still Can't Decide?

Are you still stuck on what would suit your space best? Reach out to us! We’d be more than happy to help you select your perfect combination and can send through photos of various pairings or trios to help you make the best decision for your space.

Send us an email at or contact us here.

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