Ochre Moroccan tamegroute pottery and green Moroccan tamegroute pottery plates in piles from smallest to largest on the sand of the Sahara desert

Exploring the Wonder of Authentic Moroccan Tamegroute Pottery

We often talk about sourcing artisan made objects or home décor that tells a story. The collection of handcrafted Moroccan Tamegroute ceramics we have arriving in the coming months is no different - in fact, we think it’s one of the most beautiful stories yet.

The story of Tamegroute dates back thousands of years to the mid-1600s however amazingly, the process has hardly changed at all. Lying on the edge of the Sahara Desert, seven Malinese families solely produce the world’s production of authentic Moroccan tamegroute pottery by hand.

Handcrafted wholly from nature with no synthetics or machinery, the process begins at the River Draa where natural clay is dug up and taken back to one of the seven Ateliers where it enters a long process of preparing the for throwing. Once the clay has been shaped into the desired shapes on foot pedal pottery wheels, the vessels are dipped into the authentic green glazing mix (a combination of minerals, flour and copper) giving them their signature shade of green.

Finally, the painted objects are fired for three hours in a traditional woodfire oven ignited by local palm wood.

Tamegroute is perfectly imperfect with each small variation in size, shape, colour and texture a nod to the maker. The clay used contains small rocks and and grains of sand which gives each object a personality and soul and makes it truly one of a kind. We find that pretty special! 

Considering Tamegroute is produced by seven Atelier families in a highly remote and hard to access part of the world, it’s easy to see why supply is limited. Unfortunately, this means that imitation Tamegroute is now being produced by others in Marrakech at a lower cost. If you appreciate the true artistic value and history of authentic Tamegroute, the difference between the two products is obvious.

We assure you here at The Voyage Home, we will only ever source true authentic treasures and will never intentionally offer cheap imitations as an authentic product.

The process of Tamegroute pottery and its community of seven families are something we are extremely proud and excited to support as our philosophy is built on the continuous promotion of traditional and authentic processes without synthetics and industrialisation.

At this stage, the Tamegroute pottery objects we are sourcing include various size bowls (include trinket dishes), platters, plates, candle sticks, vases, pots and other vessels. We are confident there will be something in this shipment to satisfy even the pickiest table setter or décor lover. We will be getting a mixture of authentic green objects as well as ochre and white.

We are heading to Morocco to visit the village of Tamegroute and hand select a container of soulful objects in February 2023 so if there are any other interiors you would like to see us bring home, contact us here.

Furniture, pots, vases, bowls, mortars, sinks, no request is out of the question!

Ochre Moroccan tamegroute pottery and green Moroccan tamegroute pottery bowls in piles from smallest to largest on the sand of the Sahara desert

Two handcrafted white Moroccan tamegroute pottery candle holders in front of a collection of large green Moroccan tamegroute pottery pots

Two handcrafted ochre pear shaped Moroccan tamegroute pottery vases on the sand of the Sahara desert

One Moroccan ochre tamegroute pottery candle stick and one Moroccan green tamegroute pottery candle stick sitting on rocks of the Sahara desert

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